How to: Prepare for HBK's Technical Interview

We value your interest in HBK and want to share tips with you on how to prepare for our technical interviews.

Programming test

Our interviews at HBK start with a standard technical programming test facilitated by HackerRank. We use the test to get a general understanding of your programming capabilities. We want to get an accurate gauge of your thought process, so it will be key to write clean, well commented code as you solve our test.

Phone interviews

Our technical phone interviews are conducted by a developer on the team you are assessed for. We use these interviews to learn more about your background and your potential fit for HBK; and for you to learn about our firm, our teams and the position. To prepare for a phone interview, we suggest you pick a time where you have access to a computer and wifi for our code sharing challenge and a quiet spot where you can speak openly with our interviewers.

Onsite technical challenges

Our onsite interviews are usually the last round of our interview process. A member of our recruiting team will call before your onsite to give you information on how to best prepare for the interviews as well as answer any question you may have. We want you to use this time to get to know the team and the culture of HBK. During the onsite, you will meet with members of the team and others who work closely with the person in this role. Be prepared for some white boarding sessions and collaborative conversations as you work through some challenging (and fun!) questions. As for dress code, we are casual here at HBK so business casual wear is recommended for your interview.