How to: Make your resume stand out!

Whether you are a student during campus recruiting season, or a seasoned experienced professional looking to update your resume, here are some tips on how to stand out.

Sharing your content

When writing your resume, it’s important to highlight your most impactful work. It could be a project you spearheaded to show your leadership skills or your in-depth knowledge of a process, concept or work you’ve done that helped you learn something new. Make sure you are highlighting work that shows your growth, impact and contributions.

Use your words well

Avoid the buzzwords! Resume reviewers care about what you accomplished and not the amount of buzzwords on your resume. Stand out with easy to understand descriptions of your work so reviewers know exactly what you did instead of trying to read around staple resume language.

Appearance and formatting

Sometimes appearance does matter. When reviewers only get a couple seconds to build an impression of you from your resume, make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing. Read over your resume and have someone review it too. Sometimes keeping your resume condense, draws readers to the key points of your profile.